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A Technology That Is Pro-Sleep

Sleep is crucial to good health and to stay sane in this crazy high-tech world we live in now. Without it, we do even crazier things and get sicker by the day. Technology is one major culprit. We like to think our lives became easier and more convenient because of the numerous devices we are using that are supposed to help get things done faster and better yet end up taking too much of our precious time without us minding the distraction that it is. Yes, technology can be nasty but it depends on the technology. We can’t discriminate all because there are those that can benefit you, unlike most gadgets that you know of today.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of sleep is your comfy bed where you can temporarily forget about your worries even for just a few hours. But this time, we are talking about a bed unlike any other. It is specially designed to provide you the comfort and support you need to help you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep until you get your recommended eight hours of sleep daily that all of us need to live long and healthy. Now, knowing that there is such a mattress that can save you from another sleepless night, would you hesitate to buy one or take advantage of this opportunity to sleep like a baby once more as soon as you hit the sack?

To go a little deeper into Casper’s highly engineered materials, which are deliberately designed to aid a good night’s sleep, here’s more about their different layers. Each one is made with Polyurethane foam (also known as memory foam), with an incredible and unique molecular structure.

The foam is made up of tiny little microscopic cells that are filled with air and vary in both size and shape. Each cell is made up of struts, which offer support, and windows that take up the space between each strut. Each window can be open, closed, or somewhere in between, due to the fact air is pushed out of the cells when they’re compressed.

Not only does this mean you can get a 10-inch thick mattress into relatively small packaging, it also means that the foam is able to spread your weight across a much larger surface area – rather than a few specific points like you’d find with a spring mattress.

(Via: http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2017/10/the-new-technology-thats-helping-people-sleep/)

It actually has four layers that evenly spread out to accommodate your weight that memory foams are known for. Sleeping on one is the best possible feeling one can get that you’ve probably been missing out on for years. It’s not just an ordinary bed but a mattress made of polyurethane foam, whose tiny little cells that are of various size fill up with air and support you in your sleep.

A new wave of sleep devices promises to use high-end sensors and science-backed analysis to improve sleep. The problem? Sleep is tricky to improve. If you haven’t hit your recommended 10,000 steps a day, you can go for a walk. Simple. If you haven’t slept a solid eight hours, you can make changes, but they won’t guarantee success. And the more you worry about losing sleep, the more likely you are to lose sleep. Anyone else feeling tired already?

It’s neat to bundle devices up under the umbrella of ‘sleep tech’, but there are different types and it can be hard to keep track. From wearable trackers and bed trackers, to lamps that send you to sleep or wake you to the sound of fake birds, as well as a whole range of one-off devices in between.

(Via: https://www.t3.com/features/sleep-mode-activate-powering-up-the-latest-tech-tech-that-promises-a-good-nights-sleep)

From mattress to pillows, to trackers and light, the market is full of pro-sleep technologies for the masses that are sleep-deprived. You can easily get back on lost sleep and use technology the right way, a complete opposite of what you are doing right now where you let technology run your life and cause you to lose sleep as you can’t seem to put your smartphone down or continue to surfing the web even if it is already past your bedtime. Technology can work to your advantage if you learn to use the right technology and not just the ones that bring you satisfaction even at the point of endangering your health.

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