SleepTight Snoring Mouthpiece – Simply, It Works

SleepTight aims to be the comprehensive answer to snoring issues. A dentist created this MAD, and it has FDA clearance. Does it do what it claims? Can it curb snoring? Find out how it works here.

sleeptight-mouthpieceSnoring is not a new problem. Frankly, it’s an ancient problem. Looking at it that way, devices made to fix the issue are relatively new in that perspective. The first Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs) are now only reaching 30-40 years of age.

The first ones were atrocious. They had wires sticking out everywhere and had to be custom fitted by a dentist. They often created uncomfortable pressure points and were insanely expensive. What’s more, the price could easily double if the first design turned out to be a failure because that meant the design process had to be repeated

Okay, let’s fast forward to the year 2014. Advancements in the field of anti-snoring devices have almost come full circle. The market is chock full of different devices, all claiming to be the one you need to solve your issue. Gone are the days when you had to spend thousands of dollars visiting the dentist for an embarrassing custom-made device.

Most newer devices use thermoplastic ‘boil and bite’ technology and are wire-free. Furthermore, you are free to order these devices online from the comfort and safety of your home – all without a prescription.

SleepTight is one of those devices. Thermoplastic ‘boil and bite’ technology works like it sounds. You simply put it in boiling water for three minutes. Then, insert it in your mouth and clamp down on it. This creates a custom impression of your teeth. Once done, submerge it in cold water to ensure you get this custom fit night after night.

Meet the Creator

Dr. Michael Williams DDS created SleepTight. Located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, he is named as both its designer and developer. An older gentleman who received his DDS in 1970 from the University of Tennessee, he had over 30 years of cosmetic dental experience in Ft. Lauderdale before he retired as a dentist in 2005.

He spent five quiet years before entering the online retail business, selling the products he knows best: teeth-whitening products, night guards and various snoring mouthpieces. In 2013, he registered his website and subsequently applied for FDA clearance of his product. The FDA cleared his device for sale and use in the United States.

FDA Clearance

Receiving official clearance from the Food and Drug Administration takes several months. Laws in the United States prohibit the marketing or sale of dental devices which have not obtained FDA approval. This time-consuming process is sometimes skipped over, and this results in products being sold illegally.

The FDA evaluates the safety of the design, as well as chemical composition and other important safety-related aspects of snoring devices. Needless to say, it is important to only purchase products that have been cleared. Take the extra step and verify. Anyone can claim to have clearance by putting the FDA logo on their website. But we did the research for you. You can find the premarket notification for this product here on the FDA website.

What to Expect

This particular mouthpiece can be harmful if you have asthma, central sleep apnea, TMJ, or any other dental problems. The front of the mouthpiece features a breathing hole that allows you to breathe through your mouth at night.

Some snoring solutions, like the Good Morning Snore Solution, require you to breathe through your nose, and for some people, this cannot be done. The breather hole allows you to breathe through your mouth but does not require it. If you are more comfortable breathing through your nose, go for it.

Almost every MAD mouthpiece features a period in the very beginning where you experience excessive salivation as you get used to the device. SleepTight is no different; it might be a good idea to sleep with a small towel under your head as you get accustomed to the instrument.

The other main issue with overnight mouthpieces, especially the MAD variety, is soreness. The design of this device places your lower jaw in a different position in an attempt to open your airway, allowing you to breathe easy and snore less. The result is often a ‘honeymoon’ period where you may experience slight soreness in your jaw. This is expected behavior and should not last more than a few days. If it does, stop using the device. It is meant to help you, not harm you.

The device has an incredible lifespan between six months and two years. That is longer than most. For a $60 price tag, this solution is affordable, too.

What Others Have Said

sleeptight-packagingEven the most discriminatory reviews offer one thing: it actually works. The product has passed FDA clearance, and Michael Williams has not hidden in the shadows. He proudly stands behind what he makes. One reviewer was more than happy when he his wife told him he did not snore at all on the first night it was tested. All she heard was steady breathing that allowed him to wake up refreshed in the morning.

That is a key benefit when you do not snore. Your partner will wake up happy, and more refreshed than usual. Keep your partner happy, and life is good.


Although it isn’t anywhere near as adjustable as the SnoreRX, nor as comfortable as the ZQuiet, the SleepTight is a reasonable, effective device. We recommend it.

Go to the manufacturer’s site here. Alternatively, read more about snoring: