SnoreRx – Worth The Hype?

Have you ever had a snoring problem? Has it ever been so bad that your partner has to sleep in another room? Coming from years of personal experience, I know exactly what it’s like to wake up in the middle of the night because of breathing problems. And it sucks.

snorerx1I went to doctors and dentists, both of whom tamed my problem temporarily, but the issue persisted. Their general attitude was, ‘just deal with it’.

For anyone with snoring issues, we all know that ‘just dealing with it’ isn’t a practical solution. I had to do something.

My research led me to many interesting products, many of which form the pages of this website. I tried many solutions, but there was always something wrong. Whatever device I tried, whether it was rubber bands or chinstraps, I would find a reason to dislike it. Some products worked better than others did. Then I found the SnoreRx. I was genuinely impressed.

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The Company

When I first found SnoreRx, I searched for reviews on the device. You can read all the reviews you want, but remember, opinions are the cheapest commodity on earth. Everyone’s got one. The real test came when I started looking for negative reviews. I wanted to know for sure if people had complained about the company.

Let’s face it, complaints are easy to find because people simply love to tell whole world about companies they dislike. The money back guarantee goes hand in hand with looking for any unscrupulous behavior from the company. I searched, went to forums and spoke to someone at SleepNet Forums, but I found no evidence of any “SnoreRx scams” or frankly, even complaints. Instead, everywhere I looked, I found one positive review after another.

I wanted to familiarize myself with the company before I invested in a device that might work. After reading more reviews than I cared to read, I went to their website. The first thing I checked out was the company’s Customer Support page. After all, if I had a problem with my device, I wanted to know that I could return it. The company had to be solid. This is what I found.

SnoreRx Product Details
Company Name Apnea Sciences Corporation
Business Address 27121 Aliso Creek Road #140 Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Product Type Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs)
Clinical Studies No
FDA Cleared Yes
Price $99
Bulk Discounts Yes, up to three devices
Money Back Guarantee Yes, 30 days
Better Business Bureau Not Accredited
BBB Rating N/A
Scam Complaints None


Research into this kind of stuff is hugely important. It establishes the company and gives them credentials.

The website was very deliberate (which, frankly, is not that strange). As a marketing website, it of course featured product information, but it is very professional. The site even boasts a virtual assistant to answer any questions you may have. It’s pretty easy, frankly. I have to say that I love the fact that I can ask questions with a live person via chat. As of this writing, no other site has this capability.

SnoreRx: Looking At The Product

One quality I look at first with any snoring mouthpiece is the amount of effort that appears to go into its construction. The precision that goes into SnoreRx shows that it is expertly engineered. SnoreRx features something called “MicroFit” that will adjust the position of your lower jaw for maximum comfort and effectiveness. This is unique among pretty much all MAD mouthpieces and differs from what I found in my ZQuiet review, as an example, because the SnoreRX just stays put.

This is still boil-and-bite technology, however. This means that for additional fit customization, you have to take the device, submerge it in boiling water for about 18 seconds, and clamp down on it. This ensures a perfect mold for your mouth.


SnoreRx is the only oral mouthpiece I’ve found where I can make what the company calls “micro-adjustments” to create a better fit. As a new user, it may take you a few days to get the calibration just right; but once you do, you won’t need anything crazy like chinstraps or rubber bands to hold your jaw in place.

The re-positioning of your jaw is one of the major goals of almost all MAD mouthpieces, because this can ensure that your throat is clear of obstruction. The “Posi-Lock” feature, meanwhile, is nice because it locks any custom setting for as long as you like.

(Compare the SnoreRX vs the ZQuiet here)

It’s always refreshing when you find out that a company is U.S. based and manufactures a mouthpiece that is FDA Cleared. When researching this site, I tried several devices with similar claims with pricing as low as $2 on eBay and Amazon. There is a phrase for this: you get what you pay for. These other devices are bulky, hard, and rarely do what they claim. In fact, I even wrote about this.


When I held the SnoreRx in person and saw how well constructed it was, I was actually quite pleased with the price. Yes, a single device will cost you $99, but that’s a fraction of the price my dentist wanted me to pay for a similar device from him. And yet when compared to other mouthpieces, such as the ZQuiet or VitalSleep, $99 can be steep. I was a lot more comfortable paying full price once I discovered the company’s 30-day money back guarantee. If the SnoreRx doesn’t work for you, you can send it back.

It’s also important to note that the company offers bulk pricing. This is a major plus if you find that you like the precision and comfort of the SnoreRx. By purchasing up to three devices at one time, you qualify for bulk pricing. This can make a major difference.

But is the SnoreRx’s durability worth the money? Made from medical-grade copolymer, I have found the SnoreRx to be a long lasting product. Most MADs last between 4-6 months. Apnea Sciences claims a lifespan between 12 – 15 months – a claim I can attest to. So in this case, $99 is well worth the investment.

My Findings

While researching this website, I’ve tried virtually every snoring device available. These include pillows, chinstraps, rubber bands, and other oral devices. Some work, for sure, while others aren’t worth even wasting time on. As far as MAD mouthpieces go, the SnoreRx has become my favorite overnight device. While it is not necessarily great for people who exclusively breathe through their mouth – for that I’d recommend the ZQuiet – this is by far the best in class for MAD mouthpieces.

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This is an impressive device. It’s well worth a try.

Click here for the official SnoreRX website. Or, check out these articles for more snoring information:

15 response on “SnoreRx – Worth The Hype?

  1. Thanks for the review – this gave me a lot to think about. My main question is this: how do you think this compares to the VitalSleep mouthpiece?

    • Hi Gina,

      Thanks for your question! Well, in my opinion, the SnoreRX is basically miles better than VitalSleep. Not only is the SnoreRX one of the best constructed MAD mouthpieces out there, it also features the kind of precision that VitalSleep can’t really come close to.

      Now, if you would have talked to me before 2017, I would have said that VitalSleep is a good entry-level mouth guard at a low entry level price. Unfortunately, they went and jacked up the price! The result is that VitalSleep literally has nothing working for it anymore.

      If anything, the price raise on VitalSleep makes SnoreRX even more attractive because it costs only $20 more for easily twice the quality and effectiveness.

  2. Daphne Creel

    I wore for first time last night, fit was comfortable but didn’t stop my snoring according to my sister. ?

    • Hey Daphne. Thanks for posting! The great thing about SnoreRX is its adjustability, which you should perhaps consider taking advantage of. Either re-set the size, or frankly just try again!

      The fact is, I’ve never used a snoring mouthpiece that worked flawlessly AND immediately. Those just aren’t a thing, unfortunately.

      I’ve used really excellent mouthpieces that took a week until my mouth adjusted. Be patient, and you will succeed with SnoreRX!

  3. Proof positive. I used the app SnoreLab for a week to document my snoring. I didnn’t fully believe my wife. I then ordered the SnoreRX after reading a bunch of reviews. I continued to monitor my shoring after I received the SnoreRX and my snore score (SnoreLab) went from a range of 16 – 42 to 0 – 2. Essentially eliminating my snoring. It takes a little getting use to, no drooling for me. I can sleep on my back again!! Kind of pricey but, definitely worth it.

  4. I am currently using the VitalSleep and it appears to be working perfectly. However I find the edges sharp and uncomfortable on my tongue. Is SnoreRx better in this way?

  5. Steve I have been using vital sleep for a week and it is working for my snoring, but my teeth are very sore, will the SnoreRx help with this problem?

    • Frankly, Crista, I would look away from SnoreRx if the VitalSleep is causing teeth issues. I would either recommend the ZQuiet (which has a looser fit, as well as a hinge), or even better, the Good Morning Snore Solution.

      The ZQuiet will lessen mouth issues, for sure, but Good Morning Snore Solution will totally eliminate them.

  6. Stephanie Hawkes

    What about if you have crowns and implants? Can you still use this device?
    I have two implants and approx. 8 crowns, two are on the implants and 3 are a bridge.

    • Crowns and implants shouldn’t be an issue, unless they are “removable” or have to be removed during sleep.

      The device is not effective with dentures and large removable bridges, as two examples.

  7. My wife was complaining about my snoring so went to a sleep doctor to get some info on a remedy. The doctor was explaining to me that my snoring may be caused by my jaw settling back towards my throat since I sleep on my back. I did a test and laid on my back with my jaw relaxed and found myself making the “snoring noises”. I then moved my jaw forward forward and then a little more and found that the noise dissipated. The doctor is planning to have me do a sleep study once my insurance approves it. I’ve read this article and the reviews and comments and think I will give the device a shot. I will post a follow up once the device is tested.

  8. Thanks for the read.
    SnoreRX seems to be a winner in the MAD department. I read somewhere that this device is easily comparable to Vitalsleep. Would you say that they are interchangeable in terms of comfort and effectiveness?

  9. It is interesting that it was hard to find negative reviews for Snorerx especially considering that yes, customers are very quick to give negative opinions about a product if they are unsatisfied with it.

    I am doing a comparison of Snorerx and Vitalsleep and from the comments above, it seems that Snorerx is the better alternative.

    Thanks for the read.

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