ZQuiet: Is It Effective And Does It Work?

Both my wife and I suffer from very loud persistent snoring: my wife because my snoring keeps her awake at night and I’m pretty sure I do because I often wake up with elbow shaped bruises on my ribs :). As a result we have both become great fans of mandibular advancement devices (MAD) like the FDA-cleared ZQuiet Mouthpiece.

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ZQuiet reviewAlthough most mandibular advancement device anti snoring mouthpieces are very similar and work well for most people, each has its own level of comfort. Each one works better for different people, as far as I can tell. As you’ll see in this ZQuiet review, although many are very similar in basic design, the ZQuiet mouthpiece is quite different to others I have tried before.

For many mandibular advancement device anti snoring mouthpieces to reduce snoring, your jaws have to be closed, with the lower jaw held slightly in front of the upper jaw. There are a number of variations of this depending on which of the anti snoring mouthpieces we’re talking about, but they do have that single similarity about them. This style of mouthpiece tends to be made of different materials and some have breathing holes while other snoring devices do not. The ZQuiet mouthpiece offers something that is quite different in that with the anti snoring mouthpiece in position you can open and close your mouth. As you’ll see below, this is key for people that breathe exclusively via their mouth.

(DISCLAIMER: I may be compensated through the links in the post below, but the ZQuiet Review opinions are my own. Obviously!)

What Is Different About The ZQuiet?

The ZQuiet snoring mouthpiece uses what the manufacturer calls ‘Living Hinge Technology’. In simple terms, the upper mouthpiece is connected to the lower mouthpiece by a hinge. This allows for normal movement of the mouth, including opening and closing and normal breathing (heck, you could probably drink a glass of water while wearing it) – all while keeping the lower jaw slightly in front of the upper jaw. This jaw positioning, of course, prevents the base of the tongue falling back to block the airway – the most common cause of snoring.

Warning: Before You Buy ZQuiet

If you have used anti snoring mouthpieces in the past you are probably familiar with the circumstances in which these devices should not be used, but if you are a new to MAD anti snoring mouthpieces, here is a small note of caution. You should not use MAD anti snoring mouthpieces if you have dentures, severe to very severe sleep apnea, or any kind of jaw problems. Also, if you have very sensitive teeth, this may not be for you as well.

If you have an overbite, which means that you are unable to comfortably move your lower jaw in front of the upper jaw, you should probably not use most MAD anti snoring mouthpieces. If in doubt about any condition that you may think will be affected by using a mandibular advancement device, consult your doctor or at the very least, your dentist, before using one.

One other note that should be taken into account for MAD anti snoring mouthpiece users: since establishing this website, we have received a few reports of serious dental issues that come from wearing MAD mouthpieces. These issues and complaints have included claims of “moving teeth”, jaw difficulties and gum irritation. Now, these issues can be VERY SERIOUS, and so we are always hesitant to recommend mandibular advancement mouthpieces to people who have had literally ANY jaw or teeth issues. You don’t want to develop a larger problem while trying to fix a smaller one, and it’s important for us to be up front about this in this ZQuiet review.

If you are looking for the SAFEST mouthpiece, virtually guaranteed to cause absolutely no harm, take a look at this note on the Good Morning Snore Solution.

ZQuiet Mouthpiece Details

Before I decide to put something in my mouth for eight hours a night, more or less, I like to find out a little about it. Seems like a decent idea. (You’re probably in the same boat, or you wouldn’t be here, reading this clearly awesome ZQuiet review! 🙂 )

  • The material that is used in the ZQuiet snoring device is made from a plastic that has been passed by the FDA as cleared for medical and dental devices.
  • The material is odorless and has no taste.
  • The ZQuiet is made in the USA.
  • The ZQuiet is designated as a class II medical device by the FDA.
  • You get 2 ZQuiet mouthpieces in the pack; one mouthpiece has slightly more jaw offset than the other
  • The ZQuiet anti snoring mouthpiece needs no individual fitting
  • Pay nothing for up to 30 days – if not satisfied contact ZQuiet to return the snoring device and and you pay only the shipping and packing charges

zquiet-features-diagramClick here to visit the official ZQuiet website. (Use coupon code SMRZC10 for $10 savings)

Does ZQuiet Work?

If you are used to standard fixed-type mouthpieces, you may be uncertain as to how effective the ZQuiet will be as it requires no fitting to suit your particular mouth shape. The ZQuiet is advertised as allowing you to talk and even drink while wearing it. Now, why someone would ever want to socialize while wearing a mouthpiece is certainly a mystery to me. But, the hinge is kind of neat, without a doubt.

On my first use, I decided to fit it as I was reading before going to sleep; a good time to start getting used to it, I thought. I used the mouthpiece with the least offset to start off with. It did feel surprisingly comfortable from the first fitting and it was a novel experience to be able to talk and have a little yawn with the mouthpiece secured in place. To be honest, I have no complaints about ZQuiet anti snoring mouthpiece! As I’ve used quite a few of these, this is definitely a unique thing.

The first night was a partial success; I did snore a little but not as much as I would have without the ZQuiet mouthpiece. The following night I decided to try the second device as it features a little more offset to it. The results with the second mouthpiece were much better. My wife was much happier with the outcome with the second size than she was with the original.

I like the ZQuiet to reduce snoring, I got used to it very quickly and I liked the freedom that it gave when it comes to mouth movement. Often when initially trying a new stop snoring mouthpiece there is a bit of excessive salivating. This is just common for some people, and not so much for others. I did not find that to be the case with the ZQuiet for me, but that was possibly because it was easier to swallow with it in place.

A Win For Mouth-Breathers

One of the interesting things about ZQuiet snoring device, especially with its “living hinge”, is the fact that this is perfect for people who breathe through their mouth at night. Most folks do not, but there is a very vocal minority of folks who do. This mouthpiece, unlike the Good Morning Snore Solution, does allow the user to breathe through the mouth very clearly.

It has more than what one might call “a breathing hole”. In fact, this anti snoring mouthpiece opens wide as your mouth opens. The “living hinge” actually becomes a benefit for those that have trouble with the more “closed” style that is common with anti snoring mouthpieces like the SleepTight or SnoreRX. It’s a nice touch, and if you are sure you exclusively breathe through your mouth when sleeping, this snoring device may be a must-have for you.

Try Before You Buy: The ZQuiet 30 Day Trial

It is well worth persisting with the ZQuiet anti snoring mouthpiece for a while before you decide on whether to keep using it – the more you use it, the less you notice it. One very commendable thing about the ZQuiet mouthpiece is that when you initially order, all you pay is the shipping and packing charge. If within 30 days you decide not to keep the device, all you need to do is contact ZQuiet to return it and that’s it. You do not have to pay any more – nor do you have to go through any crazy procedure to claim your money back.

ZQuiet Coupon Codes

If you’re looking for bigger coupons for the ZQuiet mouthpiece, you’ll probably be looking for quite a long time. Being as this is an incredibly popular mouthpiece (to the point that it is probably the most well-known mouth guard out there), we at the Snoring Mouthpiece Review were only able to get a $10 discount for our readers using the code: SMRZC10. The 30 day trial remains. So if you’re one of those folks that scours the Internet looking to stack savings when you look to buy the ZQuiet mouthpiece, think again: this company doesn’t discount very deep.

But, it is worthy to note that low cost ZQuiet mouthpiece deals, while not plentiful in general, are not extremely necessary. Among the higher echelon of mouthguards, this is by far the cheapest; definitely cheaper than SnoreRX as well as the Good Morning Snore Solution.

So don’t worry about missing out on savings: with this company, the ZQuiet price they offer is the price you’ll have to pay. Again, we were able to secure a $10 discount for our readers with the code: SMRZC10, so use it and save!

If you suffer with snoring it is well worth taking a little time to try using the ZQuiet mouthpiece. It may seem crazy that something this inexpensive can have such a dramatic effect on your life, but it is true: and for a few dollars you can try for yourself and see. It’s that simple.

ZQuiet In Stores?

If you’re looking for a retail bricks and mortar-type store that sells these, you simply are not going to find it. If you’re looking to find the ZQuiet mouthpiece at Walmart or Target, again, keep dreaming… This anti snoring mouthpiece is only available online, without any exceptions that we know about.

And while we’re on the subject of buying an authentic ZQuiet mouthpiece, be aware: this mouthpiece must be ordered directly through the company.

Believe me, waking up in the morning feeling more rested and having more energy will do wonder for you and your partner’s life.

See the official ZQuiet website here. Don’t forget the coupon code, SMRZC10!

Oh yeah, and feel free to check out the classic “As Seen On TV”-like commercial below. It’s cheesy, yes, but this is probably just the sort of thing to expect when you’re watching reruns at 3am in the morning:

If you love or hate ZQuiet mouthpiece, please leave a comment below! Here is some additional reading you can check out:

22 response on “ZQuiet: Is It Effective And Does It Work?

  1. Awesome review, really. Thanks for putting this together. I’m just about ready to buy, but I do have a question. I have braces and I was wondering if this is a mouthpiece I can use?


    • Well, Karen, that really depends on how sensitive your teeth are. I’ve heard from readers with braces that have used this mouthpiece with no difficulties at all, while some have had issues.

      If you’re looking for an alternative that definitely won’t be a problem, see the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece here.

  2. I originally saw this on an infomercial, so I was obviously pretty skeptical that it works. I have tried other snoring mouthguards, but most of them were too painful as I have sensitive gums.

    ZQuiet ended up being the only one that I could wear consistently that was always effective. Unlike other mouthpieces, it has that flexible hinge, which in my opinion is worth its weight in gold. Without the hinge, this is probably just a regular mouthpiece with nothing to separate it from the pack.

    Thanks for your great review and site. Keep up the good work! Us snorers can use the help!

    • Well, Enrico, you’ll really have to click on one of the links to the Official Website to find out. Some mouthpiece companies will only ship to certain countries, but if there is one that will ship to Saudi Arabia, it’s bound to be ZQuiet.

  3. I have sensitive, what my dentist calls “soft teeth”, in that they are not only subject to movement, they also can be very painful when there are even mild temperature changes. I write this only because as someone with fairly consistent teeth pain, I am typically subject to difficulties from, um, almost ANYTHING in my mouth.

    So, I obviously was ultra skeptical when it came to mouthpieces, and despite the warnings I had read elsewhere, I bought the ZQuiet. I liked the price in comparison, and thought it looked of better quality than VitalSleep.

    Well, after one month of daily use I can report this: I have had absolutely no teeth or gum problems because of ZQuiet. In fact, I just bought myself an extra one, as not only has this been super effective (just ask my husband), but because it really is very comfortable.

    Hope my experience helps!

    • Hi Theresa. Thanks for the question. I would say this: your dentist either tells everyone the same thing, or knows that you specifically would have jaw issues with a MAD-type mouthpiece.

      Either way, the Good Morning Snore Solution is definitely the best (and frankly, only attainable) choice for people who have jaw issues with MAD mouthpieces. Check it out.

      • hi, I have bad sleep apnea but not central sleep apnea. I bought a custom made mouth piece that was from my dentist which he said its good for sleep apnea, but I had lost it! So, hope this will work for me please let me know…

        • Hi Steven.

          Certainly the ZQuiet may work for you, but you may want to speak with your dentist, or a qualified sleep professional.

          If the ZQuiet doesn’t work for you, there’s at least an excellent return window that will enable you to send it back.

          You may also want to consider the Good Morning Snore Solution.

  4. Hi Steve, and thanks for your excellent review.

    I wonder if you can help me or comment on my situation.

    I have a zquiet which I bought and started using just one week ago. I got instant success with it, with my snorescore on the snorelab app dropping from 113 to just 13 the very first night. Next night it went down further to just 8! So far so good. Over the last few days, however, it’s started to creep back up through the twenties and thirties so that last night it went to 44. The trend is now not looking so good. At the same time, the device has started to feel “looser” in my mouth and when I take it out in the morning, the two sections look almost in line rather than off-set like they should be. It seems to me that the device is being “stretched” whilst in use. When I wash it in hot water (as per instructions) it does seem to return to more or less its original shape, though. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again for the review.

    • Hi Martin. Thanks for your comment. Honestly, I have never tried the Snorelab app, so I really cannot comment on it. (Although to be frank, I’m VERY interested here, and you can expect a review for the SnoreLab app coming very soon).

      On the other hand, it doesn’t as much sound like you have a ZQuiet complaint, really. In fact, what you’re describing is actually one of the biggest ZQuiet benefits – the hinge does allow the mouthpiece to move with your mouth, which can help not only with comfort, but with avoiding issues like TMJ. Something like the SnoreRX doesn’t move much, and for some snorers, that can actually be a big negative.

      This is just a guess, but if you’re having trouble with the device being stretched, why not “return it to the original shape” each night? See what your scores are then.

      Alternatively, you could just read my Good Morning Snore Solution review, and then buy it. Different style, but VERY effective for the highest percentage of users.

      • Many thanks for that Steve. I maybe didn’t explain myself quite enough! I am totally sold on the idea of mandibular advancement, but I have tried three other MADs before (including a VERY expensive one) and all of them routinely fell out of my mouth during the night. The zquiet is the first and only one which stays in (because of the hinge, I believe), so I really want it to work properly. And yes, I do restore it to normal each morning.

        Unfortunately, I do believe that it is now stretching quite early on during the night (and hence becoming less effective) not just at the end of the night. I’m going to persevere with the zquiet for the time being, but it would be nice to hear if any other users have had similar issues. I have heard questions elsewhere about its durability/longevity.

        The SnoreLab app is great, by the way, even if it does maybe “over-rate” my snoring a bit.


  5. Thank you so much for your detailed review. I had tried the Zyppah and had to return it immediately, due to excessive salivating. My saliva was backing up in my mouth and I was waking up choking all night long. I appreciate that you addressed this issue, as your review was the only one I found addressing this issue. I am going to try this product since you said that you didn’t notice that issue.

  6. Great review. I honestly liked everything about the ZQuiet Mouthpiece. Only thing I would recommend is that do not try to use this if you wear braces. It is very uncomfortable to wear on top of braces. I ended up giving it to my wife, and she loved it. Just loved it!

  7. Hi Steve,

    Thank you for the detailed reviews of all the products. I just ordered the ZQuiet for my husband. The coupon code worked perfectly and, after S&H, the total cost was pennies under the list price. There is still the option to return them after a trial period, even if purchased in full.

    I’m hoping this is the solution, as I’m at my wits’ end with broken, little, or no sleep due to his snoring. I, too, will check out the SnoreLab app. Perhaps it will provide more detailed insight for him regarding his sleep patterns, as my recordings don’t seem to be convincing.

    Insurance won’t approve a sleep study so, for now, a non Rx solution is my best hope.

    Again, thank you for taking the time for all the reviews; they helped me figure out which was best (based on his breathing habits & level of dental work).

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