Kiss Your Sleep Woes Goodbye

Sleeping is becoming more of an afterthought for many because of so many distractions these days. Back then, you have no choice but to sleep once nighttime falls because there is virtually nothing else you can do. If you are privileged enough to have a television or a radio, they probably signed-off by then and there is nowhere to go either. However, cities become more populated (even rural areas too) as the years go by and there are more establishments now than there were in the past. Shopping malls started sprouting everywhere and they provided more options to entertain ourselves. Cafes and restaurants stay open until late at night. Then, the tech explosion left us unable to live without our phones. And now that smart technology is the norm these days, we have access to the web anytime we have a smart gadget in hand, a WiFi connection or data, and time to burn on our hands.

Hence, it is no longer surprising to hear more and more people complain that they are losing sleep because they consciously do things that prevent their body from sleeping early in the night. The temptations are everywhere, it’s our glaring truth. However, it does not mean you can’t overcome it and just let your body suffer forever by forcing your body to sleep late and deprive it of the many curative benefits that a good night’s sleep offers. So, heed these tips to help you sleep better once and for all. You might have heard about them already but you have no choice but to heed them since they are the key to saving your health and sanity. You can still live life to the fullest without staying up all night all the time.

Turn off tech devices before bed

The biggest sleep mistake people make, says Rossman, is “Doing too many stimulating things too close to bedtime. Our electronics can really cut into our sleep because they wire our brain, they’re too intellectually stimulating, and the blue light that’s emitted from our screens suppresses the release of melatonin, which is our body’s sleepiness hormone.”

Wake up at the same time every day

This can help improve sleep by getting your body on a schedule, says Rossman, so you’re actually tired around the same time each night too.

Expose yourself to light when you wake up

Open the windows to let sun in, or head outside for a walk right when you wake, recommends Rossman. “Make sure light comes in through your eyes—it helps to set our body’s natural clock, so that you’re sleepy at bedtime.”


They sound easy, right? Then why do many of you have a hard time doing it? It’s time to stop with the excuses and take responsibility for your actions. You may be young for now but time and gravity will soon catch up with you and you’ll regret not taking care of your body while you still had the time. You only live once. That may be true. However, make sure that you are in great shape and in good health throughout your life rather than live a life crippled by sickness or something else. Getting back on your lost sleep is all a matter of mind over matter and knowing what to do and avoid.

Leaving a bedroom door or window open may help people sleep better, a study from the Netherlands suggests.

Open windows and doors helped reduce carbon dioxide levels and improve ventilation and air flow, which was related to better sleep quality for the healthy young adults in the study.

“We spend nearly a third of our life in the bedroom environment, but the air quality in our sleeping environment is often overlooked,” said study author Dr Asit Mishra of Eindhoven University of Technology.

“Imagine this – you are in a confined space and have limited ability to adjust the situation (since you are asleep) while you are possibly surrounded by pollutants,” he told Reuters Health by phone. “This is how things are in bed, covered under duvets or a blanket.”


Sometimes, the little things in our surroundings also matter and can make a big difference in how you easily and sleep well throughout the night. It does not solely rely on your habits or vices but simple things like opening windows and doors apparently have beneficial effects on one’s health. If it is not awfully hot or cold outside, why not give this tip a try and improve your room ventilation. Studies support it and you won’t lose anything if you do it yourself. It is a different story, though, if you have an existing medical condition that is the reason for your sleepless nights. These tips, while they may work, are not really that effective in nursing you back to health, much more salvage your lost sleep and save your eyes from having too dark and heavy bags.

If that is the case, an anti-snoring mouthpiece may offer you more relief than any of these suggestions as they correct the anatomical deformities that put you at risk of sleep apnea, for instance. You are not forced to make do with CPAP if you are not comfortable in using it. A handy anti-snoring mouthpiece can be your lifesaver such as the and the They may not be as effective as CPAP but they do the job of letting you survive one night at a time without you sleeping with the dangers of not ever waking up anymore.

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