Stop Snoring With This Extremely Cool Device

When a lot of people think about anti-snoring devices they think of putting a mouthpiece in every night and worry about the potential discomfort that will follow. While there are many mouthpieces out there that take making the experience comfortable as a priority it might still be interesting to know there are ideas floating around for other options. Depending on what is causing your snoring, a mouthpiece may be the best option you’ve got. You might even want to consider using two Maniac9devices if one of them is a cool gadget like this:

There are a variety of techniques sufferers employ to deal with a partner's snoring: the nudge, the bounce, the cough, the pillow cave, the kick.

Toronto's Ali and Behrouz Hariri are hoping to add one more option: the Nora.

The father-son entrepreneurs say they've developed the world's first non-invasive 'smart' solution to snoring. A sleek bedside device listens for the lawnmower's warm-up to reach an audible (pre-nudge) volume, at which point it signals to a bedside pump to inflate a pad in your pillow. It also comes with a companion app that delivers the good and bad news to you about your sleep patterns.

The Nora website is chock-full of graphs, videos and testimonials pointing to the product's effectiveness, and nearly 3,500 Kickstarter backers are eager to believe them. In fact, Nora's campaign has been wildly successful, raising eight times their stated goal. To date, they have raised over $1 million US across 40 countries.

This blessing has also, seemingly, been a curse. Some early backers have begun to get agitated, with some even demanding refunds due to delays (which are typical for Kickstarter projects). While prototypes were developed in Toronto and the U.S., the team has just secured a manufacturer overseas.

'It's a very different scale,' Behrouz Hariri explained in a phone interview, taking a break from 15-hour days visiting factories in southern China. 'We are making sure the right pieces are there for a quality outcome. '¦ We want to stay true to the promise.'


One of the coolest things about this device is that it has it’s roots in Canada, along with this, the absolute best snoring mouthpiece. That means another North American mind was set on solving the issue of snoring by using a non-invasive idea.  It’s a pretty cool idea and it may come with a slightly  higher price tag than people are hoping. You need to remember that just because something is inexpensive it doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best option for you. There are many companies out there that praise their anti-snoring devices only for them to be made out of cheap plastic and untested materials.

You should always check reviews before you purchase anything and keep in mind that the lower the price tag the potentially lower quality of the product. This is a health product after all and it should be thought of as such. This means you may need to pay a bit more to get something that is going to work and isn’t going to hurt you or break easily in return.

For many people with odd-shaped mouths or who may suffer with sensitive gums or other issues the idea of an anti-snoring device that doesn’t focus on the mouth might be a welcome idea. In the meantime the mouthpieces on the market are still evolving and adapting to client needs. They are still working hard to help you stop snoring and to keep your comfort in mind. If you can’t wait for the Nora, maybe you should check out what’s currently available. You never know; you might just find the one that you were looking for.

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