Is it Possible To Stop Snoring?

Yes! It is possible to stop snoring. If snoring is becoming a serious problem, then it’s time to do something about it.

It’s not easy to live with someone who snores. It could instantly take a toll on a relationship.

Snoring can be a big stress for your relationship. In a study more than 50% of couples admitted that snoring leads to serious arguments and is affecting their relationship. 80% of them said that sometimes they have to sleep in the other room for a sound sleep. Snoring affects your relationships as it is frustrating situation for both the partners. Since snoring disturbs your sleep it directly leads to situations that can diminish affection amongst the spouse.


Snoring is a common problem for almost everybody. Although it’s widely believed that snoring affects older people more, both young and old are affected just the same.

Any person can snore. Frequently, people who do not regularly snore will report snoring after a viral illness, after drinking alcohol, or when taking some medications.

People who snore can have any body type. We frequently think of a large man with a thick neck as a snorer. However, a thin woman with a small neck can snore just as loudly. In general, as people get older and as they gain weight, snoring will worsen.


To understand why snoring affects almost everybody, one has to know what snoring is. Snoring happens when breathing is obstructed. Unfortunately, that can happen in a lot of ways. One way to obstruct breathing is by simply sleeping on the back.

Scientists say there are two types of snorers: those who snore only when they sleep on their backs, and those who do it regardless of their position. After sleep researchers in Israel examined more than 2,000 sleep apnea patients, for example, they found that 54 percent were “positional,” meaning they snored only when asleep on their backs. The rest were “nonpositional.”


Smoking and drinking alcohol can also cause one to snore. When it comes to smoking, it’s not just the smoker who is prone to snore. Even the passive smoker can end up smoking.

That’s because smoking — both active and passive — makes it more likely you’ll snore the night away, according to a study in the October issue of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

“Smoking is a common cause of snoring. Even passive smoke can induce snoring,” said study co-author Dr. Karl Franklin, a professor at University Hospital in Umea, Sweden, who added that the most important take-away message from this study is to stop smoking if you’re a smoker.


When it comes to drinking, alcohol intake before sleeping can induce snoring. The sedative qualities of alcohol can make one feel relax and eventually sleepy. Alcohol causes the breathing muscles to relax. That can eventually obstruct breathing.

Sleeping on the back, smoking, and drinking are all pretty much common habits everybody is guilty of. That somehow explains why anybody could end up snoring. It also validates the reason why snoring has become a huge problem for lots of people. So why not stop it now?

Although it’s possible to stop snoring by simply changing sleeping position, quitting smoking, and limiting alcohol intake; quick results aren’t guaranteed. Wearing snoring mouthpieces is a more successful way to stop snoring

The snoring mouthguard should fit snugly, but comfortably with your upper and lower teeth supported by the device. When the appliance is in place it will move your lower jaw forward. This will also bring your tongue forward and keep it from blocking your airway.


Choosing the right snoring mouthpiece can really stop snoring. One particular snoring mouthpiece that can be adjusted to fit snugly is

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