Could These Mouth Workouts Stop Snoring?

Have you ever heard of mouth workouts? Apparently, they exist and they’re supposed to help stop snoring. The question is, do they actually work?

Before we get into that, here’s a little trivia for you. Did you know that men snore more than women? Yes, they do.

Around 40 per cent of men over 30 snore and around 30 per cent of women do.


Of course, that doesn’t delete the fact that women snore as well. There just less women who snore.

It’s really not a matter of who snores more or who snores less. The point is, there is always someone who snores and that could be you. Snoring is not something that we should take lightly.

If left untreated, it can turn into sleep apnea – a potentially life-threatening sleeping disorder which sees people have heart attacks in the middle of the night.


So, if you snore or you know of someone who snores, it’s time to incorporate some mouth workouts before going to sleep.

Because one expert maintains that not only is snoring a voluntary habit but also that it can be treated with a five-minute workout.

Mike Dilkes is an ear, nose and throat surgeon at London’s Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, and he’s been telling the Telegraph that while snoring is “not a habit you may choose to have…(it’s) one you can choose to stop”.


If this is the first time you’ve heard of mouth workouts to stop snoring, then why not give it shot? After all, snoring is not something we should all take lightly.

So it’s not just that snoring is annoying for everyone else to hear and can sometimes disrupt our own sleep, it can be really dangerous.


Snoring happens because the muscles of the throat relax and collapse while the body is asleep. With the workout exercises, the muscles can get fit again.

Mike says that snoring is often caused by a loss of muscle tone; at night, everything relaxes and collapses. But that collapse can be reduced by exercising the throat.


Hence, Mike has come up with some interesting mouth workouts that are supposed to strengthen the muscles in your mouth to prevent snoring,

Mike has come up with a revolutionary tongue and throat workout designed to tone up the bits in your neck that cause snoring.

Sure, it won’t cure those snoring cases caused by things like enlarged nostrils, but he does claim that the workout will help to reduce the volume.

And when the average snore can be the same level of loudness as a vacuum cleaner, that’s not to be snorted at.


The workout routine is composed of three exercises that can strengthen the parts of the neck and the mouth.

It’s split into three sets of three exercises, each targetting a different part of the mouth and neck – tongue, soft palate and lower throat.


The first exercise is called the Throat Curls.

Curl your tongue backward in the mouth towards the roof of your mouth before bringing it forward to touch the back of your upper teeth.



Say Ahh is the second exercise.

Open your mouth as wide as you can and go “ahhh” for 20 seconds.


The third exercise is called Squeal.

Poke your tongue out as far as it goes before taking a deep breath and making a high pitched noise like you’re gargling air for 30 seconds.


These are very simple exercises that are worth trying, right? Toning the muscles in your mouth is a natural way to lessen the snoring. However, it can take some time to see results.

But that doesn’t mean that just doing these exercises for a few minutes a day is going to cure the problem overnight.


You could also combine these mouth workouts with SnoreRx. This is a snoring device that could comfortably help keep your lower jaw in the right position while you sleep.

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