Snoring: A Problem For Both Men And Women

Ladies, listen up. If you find yourselves complaining about how bad your boyfriend or hubby snores, stop for a moment. Make sure that you don’t snore because if you do, well, your boyfriend or hubby could be complaining about it as well. Be careful with what you say because you could be a snorer as well.

It turns out that men are not the only ones that snore according to a new study.

“We found that although no difference in snoring intensity was found between genders, women tend to underreport the fact that they snore and to underestimate the loudness of their snoring,” said Dr. Nimrod Maimon.

The study found that 88 percent of women snore, but only 72 percent admit to doing so. 93 percent of men both snored and reported snoring.


So, ladies, face it. You probably snore as well. Maybe not as loud as your partner but you probably snore as well. Admitting it can be hard but it’s a good start if you really want to solve your snoring problem.

No one wants to admit that he or she is a snorer. After all, snoring is not something anyone would be proud of doing. It’s embarrassing to snore. For a lady to snore, it’s a total turn off.

The thing is, everybody snores. It’s a fact. No one can deny that. So instead of putting the blame on your boyfriend or husband, take the first step to see if you snore as well. Then deal with it.

Ladies, just because your snoring isn’t as loud as your partner’s doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get any help. The fact is, there are real dangers to consider with snoring.

“The fact that women reported snoring less often and described it as milder may be one of the barriers preventing women from reaching sleep clinics for a sleep study,” Dr. Maimon said.
Snoring can be due to sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder that can lead to an array of health issues.


Snoring can lead to a lot of health problems. Before getting to that point, it’s best to treat it as soon as possible.

Going to a sleep clinic is a good way to treat snoring but it can take some time. Most likely, you don’t have a lot of time to spare. There is another alternative for you. It’s actually a more practical way to deal with your snoring.

Wearing a snoring mouthpiece while sleeping can really help a lot. If you’re not familiar with snoring mouthpieces, then it’s time to familiarize yourself with them. For starters, snoring mouthpieces are very affordable. You don’t need to spend a lot to find one that really works. Second of all, the leading mouthpieces are very comfortable to wear. It’s just really a matter of finding the right one that suits you.

So, instead of complaining about somebody else’s snoring, deal with your snoring first. The best way to deal with both your snoring and your partner’s snoring is to choose the right snoring mouthpiece.

There are a lot of snoring mouthpieces available in the market today. Don’t confuse yourself with the long list of snoring mouthpieces in the market. You’ll just end up wasting some time.

The Snoring Mouthpiece Review is a good resource for you. It can help you decipher as to which snoring mouthpiece could work for you. There’s no need for you to go over a long list of snoring mouthpieces in the market. The said site has already listed down the top four snoring mouthpieces and they are the Good Morning Snore Solution, SnoreRx, SleepTight, and ZQuiet.

The is a good choice for snorers who think they can never overcome their snoring problem. If your snoring isn’t habitual, then this particular mouthpiece may not be for you. However, it might be the perfect snoring mouthpiece for your husband or boyfriend, who probably snores more then you do. Think about it.

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