Could These Straws Help With Weight Loss And Snoring?

These straws might just be heaven sent. Have you heard of the Zen Eating Sipper and the Dream Sipper? Well, if not, pay close attention because these straws claim to help with weight loss and snoring.

2 new devices, the Zen Eating Sipper and the Dream Sipper, claim to help people combat overeating and snoring by focusing on the way we swallow.


There really is no easy way to lose weight. Still, that’s not a good excuse to just let go of your weight. It’s important to watch your weight. It’s really not just for the sake of vanity. You have to lose weight for the sake of good health as well.

A startup company might just be able to help you lose weight in an easier manner.

A U.S. based startup called Zen Eating, with R&D labs in Israel, is trying to change the way we look at weight loss by focusing on the way we swallow. Its new product essentially trains the mouth to swallow in a healthier way, consuming less food per swallow, so that the stomach feels full faster than normal eating.


Zen Eating’s founder, Scott Hirsch, shares how he was able to come up with the idea of creating straws for weight loss.

The idea was spawned straight from Zen Eating’s founder, Scott Hirsch. “I would eat to fast and get stomach cramps,” Hirsch said. “Then it turned into acid reflux. Then it turned into extra pounds that would never come off no matter how hard I worked out or how healthy I ate. Then it climaxed by leading to snoring and severe sleep apnea.”


He had initially thought of a product like a CPAP machine but he eventually shelved the idea.

Hirsch initially set out to develop a device similar to a CPAP machine, but that’s focused on keeping the tongue from interfering with breathing during sleep. That device ultimately never saw the light of day, and all the while, Hirsch continued to struggle with sleep apnea, snoring and extra weight.


Hirsch went on to study the effects of swallowing on sleep breathing and found startling results. He states:

“I found more and more clinical studies about proper swallowing and how effective it was for sleep breathing, better eating and better health,” he recalled. “I was shocked at how important swallowing and oral posture are for health and how few people in the world even know about the issue.”


That paved way to the creation of the revolutionary straws.

From there, he took the most important movements of oral therapy and put them together into one device: the Zen Eating Sipper. It works by instantly re-activating the natural “brakes” in your mouth to reduce your swallow space and activate feelings of satisfaction from less food.

The second device Hirsch developed, the Dream Sipper, works by strengthening the tongue and soft palate to reduce snoring and improve the symptoms of sleep apnea. Both straws, which are now available for purchase online, are just the latest developments to come out of Israel’s food tech scene.


While the Zen Eating Sipper aims to help with weight loss, the Dream Sipper aims to reduce snoring. There’s no doubt that these two revolutionary straws can work hand-in-hand to address two of the most common health problems.

Even without the Dream Sipper, the Zen Eating Sipper can pretty much address a snoring problem since it can help the snorer lose some weight. After all, weight gain is a common cause of snoring.

While these straws sound promising, it’s still too early to say if they’re effective. To start with, the availability of these straws is limited.

For an immediate solution to snoring, it’s best to go with something more proven. The has been proven to be the best in the market. It’s a very simple mouthpiece that’s easy to use. The best about thing about it is that it’s readily available in the mainstream market. Combined with natural weight loss, the Good Morning Snore Solution could help strengthen and position your tongue properly while you sleep.

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