New Users Rave About Results With This Mouthpiece

Sleep is precious and not enough people get the right amount of it. Whether you are a snorer or share a house with someone who is you’re sure to feel the after effects of a bad sleep the next day. If you snore, you probably feel extra tired, possibly sore from late-night elbows to the ribs and you may have even noticed vital-sleepyour concentration suffering. If you share a house, or a bed for that matter, with a snorer, you have most likely experienced all of the above before. There’s probably something you’ve noticed about someone who doesn’t get the right amount of sleep: they’re probably grumpy and miserable, affecting everyone around them with their bad mood. Most people don’t choose to become bears who haven’t hibernated, but lack of sleep can turn the best of us into beasts.

A great way to tackle your snoring problem is using a mouthpiece designed to combat the common causes of snoring. VitalSleep is just one of those pieces. It’s best attributes are the fact that it’s:

  • Easy to Use – One dip in boiling water and one hard bite afterwards and you’ve got a customized piece of hardware.
  • Made in 2 Sizes – All mouths were not created equal. Check out the different sizes for men and women to see which will literally fit you best.
  • Inexpensive –  Sitting at $59.95 for one or $99.95 for two you can’t really go wrong. Did we mention it ships the same day you order at no extra charge? Nice.

Don’t take it from us, though. Check out these reviews from first time users:

New reviews have been released by VitalSleep. The VitalSleep mouthpiece for snoring is made of a BPA free material that molds to the shape of the user’s mouth. What make it special is that it can be adjusted to suit the severity of snoring, unlike many other anti-snoring devices found on the market.

D. Finzel of Livonia, MI states “Vital Sleep mouthguard has literally changed my life. I don’t have to sleep downstairs on the couch anymore. When my family and I go to a hotel for hockey tournaments or on vacation, I can sleep in the room. I used to have to go sleep in the car, not just for my family, but for people in surrounding rooms. My snoring was that loud. It had gotten worse over the years, but this mouthguard has changed my life. I’m not tired in the morning and have lost weight with all the energy I have again! I was so exhausted all the time, I’d had my thyroid checked multiple times and everything was always normal. Thank god for this miracle!”

Another chronic snorer named B. Barbero from Las Vegas, NV shared the following review.

“I’ve been a world class snorer for years and over those years, I have just gotten louder. Three years ago my wife moved into the guest room and vacations are always a chore to arrange because she can’t sleep in the same room with me.”

“I’ve tried surgery and a number of mouthpieces, gargles, and spray remedies – nothing worked. Then I tried Vital Sleep and it worked from the very first night”


When you suffer from snoring all you want is that restful night of sleep. Pure, unadulterated sleep that is broken only after 8 hours when your alarm tells you to get up. Proper sleep helps you feel more rested, more fresh and more alive.

You can check out our full review here if you aren’t convinced. Otherwise, what’s stopping you from popping over and getting one of these bad boys for yourself?

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