Snoring Statistics Show Dramatic UK Numbers

snoringLife is a dangerous beast. All day you have to be vigilant for potential death traps on the highway, the train and in shopping malls. The food you eat could be killing you from the inside out and the sedentary lifestyle your office job forces on you is not doing you any favours. While you’re busy dodging these potential catastrophes you probably think that you’re safe at home, all tucked into your bed and snuggled under your blankets.

You might be: if you don’t snore.

People who snore and share a bed with someone who doesn’t can find themselves embroiled in battle until the wee hours of the morning. Between elbow jabs to the ribs and cross words in an attempt to get the snorer to stop, people who snore can often wake up feeling like they just went to war. There are several options to get your partner to stop snoring and according to some information gleaned from the United Kingdom, some people are more violent than others. Do any of these sound familiar?

If you often find yourself counting sheep with a pillow pressed up against your ear to block out your partner’s snores, you’re not alone.

Couples have shared the most outrageous things they’ve done to stop their partner snoring – and it seems that a simple jab in the ribs and kick in the shins is no longer sufficient.

New research reveals that 90 per cent of people in the UK live with a snoring partner and this figure rises to a staggering 97 per cent if you live in Scotland.

It seems that many are willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure they get their snore-free shut eye.

One particular partner from Northern Ireland admitted that she resorts to ‘pulling out underarm hairs’ to stop her partner from snoring, whereas in London one person resorts to ‘keeping a kazoo by the bed to give a quick, sharp noise to wake them up’.

In Wales, one person said they resort to ‘sellotaping their partners lips shut’ whilst another from Yorkshire resorts to ‘putting a smelly sock next to their partners face’ to keep them from snoring.

It seems that nothing is off limits when it comes to getting a decent night’s sleep as alarmingly someone from Northern Ireland resorts to ‘suffocating them with a pillow, but only for a few seconds’.


There may be times when you’ve woken up with a sore jaw and haven’t been able to figure out how it happened. Maybe you thought you slept funny. If you snore, the chances increase that your bed partner may have smacked you in order to get the snoring to stop.

This doesn’t mean that your partner is actively abusing you. They may also be going this unconsciously because they want the noise to stop. People do strange things when they’re half-awake. IF this sounds like you then maybe you need to look into some self-defense options, like maybe which mouthpiece is worth your hard earned dollars.

So cheer up, friend! There’s hope that your bruises will heal yet!


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