An App To Track Snoring

This app is interesting. It’s called the Sleep Cycle and it’s exactly what it is, a sleep tracking app.

Sleep-tracking app Sleep Cycle is bringing a new feature to its Android app to help snoring users track the sleep effects of their rather loud ailment.


For obvious reasons, it’s hard to track your sleep yourself. You can’t really rely on your partner to do it. The most that you can get from your partner is a litany of complaints, most especially if you’ve been a snorer for the longest time. Most likely, your partner is already fed up with you. So, don’t expect to get a decent feedback from a partner who has been putting up with you snore for the longest time.

That’s why the Sleep Cycle app is perfect for you.

Sleep Cycle is a great little app that helps you learn about your quality of sleep and helps wake you up at a time where you’re more likely to wake up feeling refreshed than groggy. There are a lot of smart home sleep trackers that do something similar with a linked pillow sensor, but Sleep Cycle just opts to use your phone’s sensors to gather data, which proves similarly robust.


If you’re wondering how it works, read on.

Basically it seems the app pairs the sound measurements with the accelerometer data from the phone placed on your bed and determines how closely tied your snoring is to restless movement, rolling that to help determine its “sleep score” metric.

If you don’t actually know if you’re snoring, the app will clue you into that as well with the feature enabled. You’ll be able to see how many minutes you snored, and listen to it as well.

The new feature is available now for the app’s Android version.


You can now download Sleep Cycle on Android.

With the Sleep Cycle, you will have a good idea as to how much you snore. You’ll know how long your usual snore is and the best thing is that you can actually listen to it.

This is a very scientific way of dealing with your snore. You get facts, not complaints,  about your snoring. The data from the Sleep Cycle can also be a big help to a medical expert who intends to help you.

Another good thing about the Sleep Cycle app is that you don’t need any other accessory to make it work. Unlike the other apps where you’re required to have a pillow or a pin to make it work, the Sleep Cycle app works by itself. It is able to track your sleep simply by the use of your Android phone alone. You don’t have to use a special pillow or pin something to your pajamas.

It’s important to track your sleep. If you really want to get some good sleep, tracking it is the way to go. You can’t expect to get good sleep all the time. There are a lot of factors that have to be taken it to get a good sleep. Dealing with all those factors could get pretty stressful.

Instead of dealing with all the factors that could contribute to a good sleep, you’re better off tracking your sleep. That way, you’re focused on your own sleeping habits. When you’re focused, you’ll know exactly what factors to consider to get good quality sleep.

Together with the Sleep Cycle app, you can also consider using a snoring device. As matter of fact, a snoring device like can work very well with the app. Once you’re able to track your snoring with the app, you can resort to using the to see the improvements in your sleeping habits.

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